8 Changi North Street 1, ISOTeam Building, Singapore 498829
+65 6745 0150


Prem Kumar (PK)

Head of Department (HOD)


PK believes that the key to success is relentless improvement in everything that you do because in this day and age of hyper-competition, you run twice as fast today just to stay where you were yesterday.

Eilithz Teh

Administrative Lead


Eilithz believes that the key to fulfilling your true potential is to help other people to succeed as you will climb higher and go further when you stand on the shoulders of a strong and successful team.

Cindy Ong

Digital Lead


Cindy believes that the key to an effective and efficient business operation is to design everything to be intuitive to use. To her, if you have to read a manual to use something, then you have failed to design something good.


Senior Lead


Roni believes the road to success is to overdeliver on your deliverables, and do it all over again the next day. He is not afraid to go the extra mile as he knows that you won’t know how far you can go unless you do.



Chondon believes in following all the established work protocols to ensure that every project is carried out smoothly and seamlessly. At the same time, he is always thinking beyond the industry norms to create better, faster, safer ways of doing things.



Shipon believes that the best way to become great at something is to be hands-on in doing that thing.

He also believes that you need to be good at many somethings to become a valuable member of the organization you work for. That is why he happily throws himself into any task that needs his help.